At WestCoast Fresh, we embrace the Farm to Market philosophy, bringing fresh produce from the fields to the stores where families shop. We are a vertically-integrated producer and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables who believe that attention to detail and creativity yield superior results.

We Love Our Planet

In every decision and step we take, we consider our impact on the environment. We engage in earth-friendly practices and respect the hard work and labor that goes into taking a seed to fruit and final harvest. Recycled and easily recyclable materials are used to package all of our products. We are committed to advancing sustainability on a daily basis.

Cold Chain

From harvest to post-harvest, and throughout the logistics process, we are dedicated to maintaining the optimal environment to ensure the highest quality produce.

A Quarter Century of Experience

Since 1990, WestCoast Fresh has worked to ensure the highest standards for our produce. With more than 25 years of experience, we understand that details matter. From seed selection, to harvesting and shipping, we work collaboratively to support each and every stage of the process. Our team’s hard work results in undeniable quality, that’s both exceptional and reliable — from Farm to Market.